MBT shoes are by Swiss engineer Karl Muller during a trip abroad, MBT Outlet UK found walking barefoot in the paddy fields could alleviate his back pain. Return to Switzerland, Karl Muller set about to develop a barefoot technology, the ground must be hard to walk in the city who do not manufacture a gentle state of paddy fields or the East African savannah similar to soft ground, after years of painstaking research and development, Ma Serb barefoot Technology was finally put on the market in 1996.

MBT Shoes is currently in more than 60 countries around the world are sold annually in this revolutionary product sales of about 4 million pairs, and gradually accepted by Asians in Southeast Asia set off a burst of MBT boom, famous artists Eason Chan, Faye Wong, Xu Hao Ying so wearing MBT shoes have been unveiled. In foreign countries, like Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other celebrities are a big fan of MBT.

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